Personal Training: How Do You Benefit?

By Chad Anderson

With the holidays in full swing, all enjoying the company of friends and the abundant food and drink that surround holiday festivities. In just a few weeks, however, the New Year will be looming large, and with it the inevitable resolutions to improve our health, to eliminate bad habits, and to improve on our personal success. For the majority of us, one of the top resolutions will be to .lose weight,. or to .get in shape.. But, when we look at the treadmill in the basement, or ponder whether to get up and go to the gym before work, much of that resolve fades away.

Faced with the challenge of losing weight and the lifestyle changes required to be successful, you may be left overwhelmed with how to devise a reasonable plan that will help you reach your goal. Reasonable is the key word here. You already know what happens when you jump into an exercise plan with both feet. You spend days recuperating from the aches and pains of overdoing it and end up dreading the whole notion of working out.

Well, there.s help for you! You can hire a personal trainer--a specialist who can customize your workout to meet your specific abilities, accommodate any existing injuries, and continually monitor and modify your workout to keep you challenged--not wracked with pain and reluctant to continue training. Before writing off the idea of this type of monetary investment, consider the benefits.


Personal trainers keep you accountable to yourself. Without accountability there will always be excuses. So long as there are excuses, no progress can be made. The trainer will always show up to take you through your workout. Will you always be there to go through it?


Many people find that the hardest thing about exercising is finding the motivation within to adhere to an exercise program. Personal trainers are a great solution to this problem! They are there to encourage you to continue on when you feel like giving up. They keep you moving forward and help the minutes fly by!

Proper Exercise Technique

The importance of proper exercise technique cannot be overemphasized. Aside from possible injury yourself and suffering a setback on your path to weight loss, you may be cutting yourself short simply because you are not performing the exercises correctly. In order to get the most of your exercise program, it is essential that exercises be performed properly. Small adjustments in technique can make a world of difference in results.

Program Design & Progression

If looking to achieve a specific result, you need a specific program. Performing random exercise will only get you but so far. A program must be designed for your individual needs, and must carefully consider each training variable (FITT . Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type). A qualified trainer knows how to manipulate these variables to provide you with an effective program. Furthermore, it is not enough just to have a program set up that is specific to your needs. The program must be progressed properly as well. A program that lacks proper progression is ineffective. Ineffective programs lead to frustration and, eventually, cessation of exercise.

Although these are the main benefits to consider when deciding whether or not to invest in a personal trainer, there are others as well. Most individuals find the experience of working with a trainer to be very educational. Also, keep in mind that hiring the services of a personal trainer is an investment in your personal self. You are investing in your health, your happiness, and your enjoyment of life.

Deciding to seek help from a personal trainer good first step. However, you must be selective of the person with whom you choose to work. All trainers are not created equal, educated sufficiently, or appropriately certified. You can make the best choice of trainer when you understand these variables. In Part Two of this article, I will discuss how to evaluate and choose a qualified personal trainer who is right for you.