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Why Exerise?

Do you like to exercise, or do you hate it? Do you see the need to exercise, or do you think you don’t need to exercise to stay healthy? You might say to yourself, why put myself through this!

To some it is a “challenge”, one they seek out and enjoy, to some it is a “challenge” in the way that it is a chore for them, something to be avoided.

You may be surprised that you could feel good after exercising. It not only makes you feel good, but it makes you look good. When you meet the challenge and over come it, you can feel more positive about yourself.

We all know exercise is good for us, so we should try to find a positive attitude within us to make this so-called dreaded challenge into something beneficial, fun and exciting.

Think of the reasons to exercise—It is good for your overall health, builds muscles, increases strength, and endurance, reduces stress, gives you more energy, reduces pain, and rejuvenates the body. So why not go for it! Change the way you think about it, change your mind set, take the negative thoughts out of it.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or hard. Go to a place where you can meet others with the same goals and interests. Utilize the expertise of a Dallas personal trainer to help you accomplish your goals.

Researchers have found that weight training has increased strength in older men in 8 weeks. Weight training programs can bring a 10-20% increase in muscle mass in 12 weeks, along with great increase in strength.

If you are not used to exercising, it is best to start your exercise or weight training program gradually. Utilizing a Dallas personal trainer, you can be assured they will help you with the proper warm up and cool down processes, with a program specialized to help you obtain your goal. Be sure you talk to you doctor before starting any exercise program.

Follow your personal training program carefully so as to minimize muscle soreness, cramps and prevent injuries. Along with the personal trainer’s guidance, utilize proper nutrition and drink plenty of water.

Be consistent, stick with a progressive exercise program and over a short period of time you can discover a new, healthier you. One with big changes in your energy, attitude and appearance.

With our personal trainers and your efforts you can achieve your fitness goals. Our personal trainers will create a diet and exercise program specific to your needs that if followed will produce results. You have nothing to lose. Stop thinking about it and give us a call or email us to setup your Personal Training Session and tour of our personal training studio and gym.