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"I have only been a member for a month, but during that time I have done cardio more than any other gym I've belonged to (which are many). I appreciate the fact that Tom and Jeanette speak to me by name each time I come. The equipment and the changing area are 5 star. It truly has the feel of the "neighborhood gym" everyone searches to find."

"The best place to work out in Dallas. Great trainers, good equipment and very friendly staff. The owners are hands on- always there if you need anything. Pilates instructor is outstanding."

"I was very impressed with Body Tech the short time I was there (no longer live in the area). The staff was very personable and took a genuine interest in your personal fitness and nutrition goals. They also had new equipment, not some run down second hand junk like you find at some of the "super" gyms. The facility itself was very clean and well kept. I would highly recommend Body Tech to anybody looking for a more personal gym experience. The fact that the gym was on a smaller scale and by appointment was a huge factor for me, it makes you feel less self-conscious about working out, if your just getting started. Body Tech is well worth the money. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything like it in the area I live now."
Chad V.

"This place is really up to par! It is in a good location, has great equipment and facilities, and the staff are very warm and friendly! Recommend to all that is looking for a trainer and a place to get serious about your workout!"

"If your looking for a great place to train with or without a trainer, BodyTech personal training is it. Most trainng stuidos reqiure you to train with a trainer, and are to small to do anything that resembles a workout. Not at BodyTech, the place is over 5000 sq. ft, thats bigger than most personal training gyms by far. The staff there is freindly and knowledgleable and makes you feel comfortable even if you have never thought about exercising before. If you have your own workout or trainer, no problem you won't get sold anything or feel uncomfortable in any way. The gym is stocked with all of the latest equipment, they even have tanning avaible, and pilates is there also. But the best thing is the atmosphere, the staff and trainers all interact with one another, say Hi to you when you walk in, help you when and if you need it ,and make you feel like you're part of the family, try getting that out of your big health clubs."
Doug R.

"I really love Body Tech. One of the main reasons I started coming to Body Tech was because of my personal trainer, Joanne Wood. She was looking for a facility that was clean and a good environment to work out in. It is all that... plus it has a friendly atmosphere and friendly people. To me, what more could you ask for??? I also know that Joanne Wood, my trainer, is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Body Tech and Joanne Wood!"
Laura V.

"My name is Martha Byrd. I am 42 years old and a single mom. In 2006 I decided to do a contest after looking in Oxygen Magazine at the figure/fitness competitors. I needed an outlet for my frustrations. I entered the Heart of Texas 20006 and placed eleventh. That competition propelled me to do another. In May of 2007 I entered the Shreveport Cup and placed 1st! I was so excited! I was honored to meet Jay Matlock who was Mr. Texas and I began training with him. He is wonderful. I workout at Body Tech and I love the People. I am now training for the Nationals!"
Martha Byrd

"What can I say. Great people and great equipment. Very very helpful. You should give this place a try."