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Contrary to common perception, you don’t need to be more limber or flexible to practice Yoga. Over 18 million Americans have already adapted to it and more and more Americans still embrace it as a fitness partner.

Yoga has a variety of styles and levels suited to your capability and pace. Regular routines of 60 to 90 minutes done three times a week can yield desired results. While some may choose to just buy a Yoga DVD and practice it at home, it is still more advisable to visit a gym and be supervised by a professional Yoga Instructor who can design a program that is tailor-fit to help with sprains, torn ligaments, pulled muscle and other similar injuries.

Tracking progress and elevating to the next level can also be difficult without an Instructor. Body Tech has its own resident Dallas Yoga Instructor, who can motivate you to continue the fitness habit, as well as monitor your progress the proper way. Our Yoga training has varying levels that can address your fitness goals. We can promise you that you will enjoy it here at Body Tech and we would be happy to advise you of other programs to compliment your Yoga training if you are so interested.

Dallas Fitness Tip

The best Cardio workout that a person can look for is walking. Many people do not think of walking as a cardio workout, but it is, and a good one at that. Of course, leisurely walking is not going to get your heart rate up enough to qualify as a good, sound cardio workout but if you can walk fast enough to get your heart rate up and keep it there for an hour or so, you are doing yourself a lot of good.

Many people also like to combine strength with cardio and carry small hand weights on their walk. For most women, anywhere from 3 to 5 pound weights should suffice very well for this purpose, and this can help to really burn off those extra pounds that you might be looking to lose much faster as well.

Our Dallas personal training studio has all of the cardio equipment you need to get in your daily dose of walking. Why not come in today and see why our family owned and operated facility makes working out fun?