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We pride ourselves in knowing each and every client by their first name. You won't find a more welcoming place to work out at. It's like your home away from home.

Personal training is a great way to help keep you motivated in working out day after day. For some a personal trainer can be that missing link to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

We believe for your workout to be successful you have to be comfortable in the place you work out in. Here at Body Tech that is exactly what you will find.

We are family owned and operated. Just call and ask for Jeanette or her brother Tom.

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A Dallas Personal Trainer Can Help

Heart disease, Cancer and Stroke have been identified as the top three causes of death in the US. A healthy lifestyle, lots of exercise and proper diet, are a strong combination to prevent all three from happening. Of these three, lots of exercise seems to be the hardest activity to start and maintain. Our busy schedules oftentimes prevent us from giving more attention to our body’s needs.

Most of us see exercise as a time-consuming activity that is expensive and difficult to sustain. The exercise machines can be intimidating especially for first-timers, and the thought of sweating it out for an hour or so is definitely an unattractive thought when compared to surfing the net or watching television. So many people opted for diet pills without consulting a doctor and suffer the backlash of side effects later on.

Body Tech Personal Training gives you reasons to look forward to personal training and keep coming back for more.

Professional Dallas Personal Trainers will keep you company and assist you with your fitness training program to make sure you stay committed to your fitness goals. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having a partner to motivate you to stay faithful to your goals and applaud you when you do meet or surpass them. Our personal trainers can design a fitness program for you that will surely make you look and feel better about yourself.

If you need closer guidance and mentoring that extends beyond Dallas personal training, Body Tech has its resident Lifestyle Coach who will inspire you to meet your goals by guiding you through proper nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. The challenge of losing or gaining weight is now a less daunting task, with someone who can listen and understand the hurdles you face.

Discover the art of Yoga and Pilates; two of the most effective programs that neutralize stress and compliment your cardiovascular program beautifully. Yoga and Pilates help ease the mind and body from tension, through its soothing exercises that improve your blood circulation and help firm up problematic areas such as sagging arms, flabby thighs and that bulging midsection you’ve always wanted to hide.

Avoid heart disease, cancer or stroke. Live healthy, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Personal Trainer and Client

Dallas Personal Trainer - Your Key To Success

Wellness is significantly determined by the decisions you make about your lifestyle---the way you live your life. Some choices that will help you achieve physical wellness are proper nutrition, exercise and managing stress.

A healthy diet and nutritional supplements, contribute to your overall wellness. It is estimated that 15% of deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to poor nutrition, poor eating habits and lack of proper exercise. Eating a healthy diet and starting a good exercise program by utilizing a Dallas personal trainer will help establish a healthier, longer life.

When our bodies are not kept sufficiently active, they begin to deteriorate. The benefits of physical activity are both physical and mental. It increases endurance, strength, healthier bones and muscles, and a greater sense of well being, less stress and fatigue. People, who can maintain a regular program of physical exercise and activity, including vigorous activities, are likely to obtain greater benefits.

A person who follows a structured, formal exercise program, designed to significantly improve physical fitness, will obtain greater improvements in the quality of life. Our Dallas personal trainers can provide you with a personal nutritional and exercise program to help you achieve these goals. They can provide a balanced approach to proper physical fitness--- exercise activities to improve muscular endurance, muscle strength, cardio- respiratory endurance, flexibility and body composition. Why not start with a personal trainer today?

With our personal trainers and your efforts you can achieve your fitness goals. Our Dallas personal trainers will create a diet and exercise program specific to your needs that if followed will produce results. You have nothing to lose. Stop thinking about it and give us a call or email us to setup your Personal Training Session and tour of our personal training studio and gym.